Florence Thomas

Associate Researcher, Hawai'i Institute of Marine Biology

Coral reefs, coastal ecology, invertebrate reproduction, and biomechanics





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Research Interests

My research integrates biomechanics, physiology, molecular biology, and coastal oceanography to examine how the physical environment influences key physiological, ecological and ecosystem processes in tropical vegetated canopies, coral reefs, and other shallow coastal habitats.

My research interests focus in three areas 

  1. How water flow and other physical parameters influence chemical exchange between organisms and the water column,
  2. How shifts in algal communities affect nutrient exchange, grazing and other aspects of ecosystem function, and
  3. How water flow and gamete properties influence reproduction in marine invertebrates.

Selected Publications

Adhitya, A., F.I.M. Thomas, and B. B. Ward. 2007, Diversity of assimilatory nitrate reductase genes from plankton and epiphytes associated with a seagrass bed. Microbial Ecology, 54:587-597.

Inamdar M.V., Kim T., Chung Y.-K., Was A.M., Xiang X., Wang C.-W., Takayama S., Lastoskie C.M., Thomas F.I.M. and A.M. Sastry. 2007, Assessment of sperm chemokinesis with exposure to jelly coats of sea urchin eggs and resact: a microfluidic experiment and numerical study. Journal of Experimental Biology 210:3805-3820.

Adhitya A., Thomas F.I.M. and B. B. Ward. 2007, Diversity of nitrate reductase genes from planktonic and epiphytic environments in seagrass communities. Microbial Ecology 54:587-597.