Anthony Barley

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow

Phylogenetics, landscapes genetics, herpetology, conservation.



EDM 318A


(808) 956-9523


(808) 956-4745


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Academic Degrees

PhD, University of Kansas (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology), 2014

Research Interests

Phylogenetics, landscapes genetics, herpetology, conservation.

Selected Publications

Barley AJ, A Datta-Roy, KP Karanth, RM Brown. in press. Sun skink diversification across the Indian-
Southeast Asian biogeographical interface. Journal of Biogeography.

Barley AJ, J White, AC Diesmos, RM Brown. 2013. The challenge of species delimitation at the
extremes: diversification without morphological change in Philippine sun skinks. Evoliution 67:3556–2572.

Barley AJ, PQ Spinks, RC Thomson, HB Shaffer. 2010. Fourteen nuclear genes provide phylogenetic resolution for difficult nodes in the turtle tree of life. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 55:1189–1194.