Alison Sherwood

Graduate Chair

Algal Biodiversity



St. John 607C


(808) 956-3930


(808) 956-4115

Research Interests

The Hawaiian islands are a unique location for the study of biodiversity, adaptive radiation and island biogeography. Research in my lab is concentrated on the systematics of various algal lineages in the Hawaiian Islands, their mechanisms of spread, and their evolution and subsequent phylogenetic relationships. We are also undertaking large-scale biodiversity assessments of the marine and freshwater algal floras of Hawaii with both molecular and morphological approaches.

Selected Publications

Sherwood, A.R. & A.L. Carlile. Schimmelmannia (Acrosymphytales, Rhodophyta) - the first report of the genus in Hawaii. (in press, Pacific Science).

Kurihara, A., West, J.A., Conklin, K.Y. & A.R. Sherwood. A second species of Rhodachlya (Rhodachlyales, Rhodophyta) from Hawaii, with a description of R. hawaiiana sp. nov. (in press, Cryptogamie, Algologie).

Conklin, K.Y. & A.R. Sherwood. Molecular and morphological variation of the red alga Spyridia filamentosa (Ceramiales, Rhodophyta) in the Hawaiian Archipelago. (in press, Phycologia).