Your gift in support of Biology undergraduates will go directly to the Biology Enrichment Fund. This fund helps support a combination of financial aid, career development, and student life initiatives.

The Biology Department has scholarships to support Biology undergraduates, including the Sister Frances Murphy Memorial Scholarship Fund, the E. Alison Kay Scholarship Fund, and the Agnes Kan Fok and Family Biology Scholarship.

The Biology Enrichment fund also supports a variety of workshops for post-graduation and career development, such as resume, networking, and graduate/medical school workshops.

The Biology Department also hosts a Welcome Back Potluck at the start of each academic year in which students in the program have an opportunity to interact with Biology faculty and staff in a casual setting.

Every gift made to the Biology Enrichment Fund – no matter the size – makes a difference to the students in the department.

Make a gift to the Biology Enrichment Fund.

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