Department Mission, History, and Objectives

Biology is of fundamental importance in a science or liberal arts education, as it provides students with a keener insight into and a deeper appreciation of the many facets of living systems.  And Hawai'i offers a unique environment for the study of Biology. 

Most students plan to use their training as preparation for professional work, such as aquaculture, biotechnology, biological research, dentistry, marine biology, medicine, optometry, park services, pharmacy, and teaching.  Our graduates have an outstanding record of acceptance in advanced degree programs at dental, medical, pharmacy, and graduate schools.  Many of our graduates also become teachers after obtaining a post-baccalaureate teaching certificate at the College of Education.

Department of Biology Mission

The mission of the Department of Biology is to provide undergraduates at UH Manoa a solid foundation of current knowledge and skills in the life sciences to prepare the students for careers and advanced, post-baccalaureate study.  The Department also seeks to provide non-majors with an appreciation for various aspects of the life sciences and their ramifications for daily life and impacts on society.


The Department of Biology was first established in 1966, but has recently transitioned to becoming an official department within the College of Natural Sciences.  The Department is a cooperative effort with the departments and programs that concern themselves with the basic biological sciences.  All of the instructors are either from our Department, researchers and leaders of labs and programs outside of the University of Hawaii system, or members of one of the following departments: Cellular and Molecular Biology, Molecular Biosciences and Bioengineering, Plant and Environmental Protection Sciences, or Women's Studies.


  • To offer Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees as well as a minor in Biology
  • To provide unified courses in general and cellular biology
  • To prepare students for admission to professional and graduate schools
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