Graduate Students

Ambrosino, Christine

Anderson, James

Bader, Samuel

Bahr, Keisha
PI/Advisor: Dr. Paul Jokiel
Research: The Effects of Multiple Climate Change Stressors and Ocean Acidification on Hawaiian Coral Reefs

Berryman, Jessica

Boswell, Leigh Ann

Buehler, Jacob

Burns, John
PI/Advisor: Dr. Ruth Gates
Research: Physiological Impacts of Diseases on Affected Corals and Their Associated Algal Endosymbionts

Canfield, Sean

Chen, Jessica
PI/Advisor: Dr. Whitlow Au
Research: Acoustics of Humpback Whale Songs and Social Sounds

Chiu, Yu-Kun

Coleman, Richard
PI/Advisor: Dr. Brian Bowen
Research: Evolutionary Patterns and Movement of In-shore Reef Fish - Phylogeography, Population Genetics, Hybridization and Parentage Analyses

Copeland, Adrienne
PI/Advisor: Dr. Whitlow Au
Research: Studying Odontocete Foraging Behavior Using Active and Passive Acoustics

Copus, Joshua

Cros, Annick

Dacks, Rachel

Deis, Brian
PI/Advisor: Dr. Kathleen Cole
Research: Ichthyology and Evolutionary Biology

Dong, Caroline Mei-Xu
PI/Advisor: Dr. Robert Thomson
Research: Phylogenetics and Conservation Biology of Reptiles and Amphibians

Donovan, Mary

DuBuc, Timothy

Dudoit, Chelsea Alealani

Fantle-Lepczyk, Jean
PI/Advisor: Sheila Conant
Research: Population Modeling of the Endangered Puaiohi

Filous, Alexander

Fisher-Pool, Pollyanna

Fitzpatrick, John

Fung, Jennifer Kwok Jun

Gary, Deena

Genovese, Caitlyn

Giddens, Jonatha
PI/Advisor: Dr. Alan Friedlander
Research: The Ecological Effects of the Introduced Top Predatory Grouper Roi (Cephalopholis argus) on the Hawaiian Reef Fish Assemblage

Henry, Elizabeth

Hurley, Kaleonani
PI/Advisor: Dr. Rob Toonen
Research: Crab Assemblages of Mesophotic Reefs; Local Crab Fisheries and Connectivity

Hutchinson, Melanie

Koike, Haruko
PI/Advisor: Dr. Alan Friedlander
Research: Ecological and Stock Assessment of Seychelles' Sea Cucumber

Lapointe, Abby

Laruson, Aki
PI/Advisor: Dr. Floyd Reed
Research: Identifying Patterns of Genomic Divergence in Drosophila Flies and Tripneustes urchins

Lin, David

Lynch, Garrett

Macduff, Sean

Magalhaes, Wagner

Maxfield, Jessica

McCoy, Kaylyn

Nakayama, Sanami

Newell, Martha
PI/Advisor: Dr. Peter Marko
Research: The Effect of Ocean Acidification on Coral Connectivity and Gene Expression Patterns

Oliveira, Bruna

Prescott, Rebecca

Rhodes, Randi

Richlen, Michael

Ritson-Williams, Raphael

Rivera, Julio

Rodgers, Jason

Roncalli, Vittoria

Ross, Megan

Royer, Mark

Rudd, Alexis

Scales, Jeffrey

Schemmel, Eva

Shelton III, Austin

Shishido, Caitlin
PI/Advisor: Dr. Amy Moran
Research: Thermal Tolerances of Intertidal Marine Invertebrates; Physiological Responses of Early Life History Stages to Environmental Stressors

Silbiger, Nyssa

Sischo, David

Smith, Thomas

Sogin, Emilia

Sukhraj, Nadiera

Sziklay, Jamie

Timmers, Molly

Titmus, Andrew

Usseglio Lizcano, Paolo

Veazey, Lindsay
PI/Advisor: Dr. Rob Toonen
Research: Predictive Habitat Modeling of Mesophotic Coral Reef Ecosystems Across the Main Hawaiian Islands

Vinnikov, Kirill

Wainwright, Benjamin

Waldrop, Elllen

Wilbur, Sean

Williams, Kelley

Wright, Melissa
PI/Advisor: Dr. Brenden Holland
Research: Determining Impact, Threat Assessment, and Spread of Jackson's Chameleons in Hawaii

Ylitalo-Ward, Heather

Zoll, Janna

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