Graduate Admissions

Application Deadline is December 15, 2018 for the Fall Semester 2019

Note:  You may apply at any time if you are a recent major fellowship awardee (e.g., NSF GRF, EPA STAR, NSERC, ARC, etc.).  In such cases, please contact for guidance.

For questions or problems with the application process, please call (808) 956-8617 or email

There are two concurrent steps for applying for admission to the Zoology Graduate Program:  (1) completing your application (starting with this web page – see below), and (2) finding a graduate advisor. If you are accepted by our admissions committee, yet do not find an advisor, then you will be not be accepted by the program, so it is important that you contact potential advisors directly. Listed below are Zoology Graduate Faculty who are possibly accepting new graduate students. You can view their web pages by clicking here.

Before starting the application process, you may find the following general guides to be helpful:

  1. How to apply to graduate school
  2. How to find a good graduate advisor

To download details regarding the Zoology Graduate Program admissions process, [click here].

To apply for admission to the Zoology Graduate Program, please complete the following steps:

  1. If you have already applied to the UH Manoa Office of Graduate Education (OGE), and have had your official transcripts and General GRE scores mailed there, you do NOT have to do so again. OGE will forward them to the Zoology Graduate Program.
  2. If you have NOT yet applied to the UH Manoa Office of Graduate Education, then please have your official transcripts and official General GRE scores mailed to: 
          Zoology Graduate Admissions
          Department of Biology
          University of Hawaii at Manoa
          2538 McCarthy Mall, EDM 216
          Honolulu, HI 96822
  1. Complete your applications to BOTH the UH Manoa Office of Graduate Education AND the Zoology Graduate Program ONLINE in either order:

    1. Complete the general UH graduate application by clicking the following link: UH Manoa Office of Graduate Education.
    2. Click the following link to download screen shots of the Zoology Graduate Program online supplemental application pages. Use these pages to assemble the information and documents you will need to complete the application.  Note that you should prepare a personal statement to cut and paste into the box labeled, "Statement of Objectives."
    3. Complete the Zoology Graduate Program online supplemental application by clicking the following link (note that the program does not allow you to return to a page once it is completed, so please be prepared to complete the application carefully and in one sitting):  Zoology Graduate Program Supplements Form 

Graduate Faculty Currently Accepting Students for Fall 2018 Include:  

Dr. Petra Lenz
Dr. Rob Cowie
Dr. Megan Donahue
Dr. Kim Holland
Dr. Robert Toonen
Dr. Kevin Bennett
Dr. Marguerite Butler
Dr. Kathleen Cole
Dr. Mark Hixon
Dr. Cynthia Hunter
Dr. Robert Thomson
Dr. Timothy Tricas
Dr. Amber Wright
Dr. Rebecca Chong
Dr. Joanne Yew
Dr. Matthew Medeiros