Departmental Assessment Reports 2002

In Fall 2002, the University of Hawai'i at Mānoa colleges and departments were asked to report on their assessment efforts.  The resulting overwhelming response indicated that nearly all of the departments were engaged in the assessment of their undergraduate programs.  This web page provides assessment information that builds a culture of evidence that is fundamental to the mission of leadership, excellence, and innovation in this premier research institution.

Accounting (HTML or PDF)

American Studies (HTML or PDF)

Animal Science (HTML or PDF)

Anthropology (HTML or PDF)

Apparel Product Design & Merchandising (HTML or PDF)

Asian Studies (HTML or PDF)

Bioengineering (HTML or PDF)

Biology (HTML or PDF)

Business (HTML or PDF)

Chemistry (HTML or PDF)

Civil and Environmental Engineering (HTML or PDF)

Communication (HTML or PDF)

Dance (HTML or PDF)

Dental Hygiene (HTML or PDF)

Economics (HTML or PDF)

Education (HTML or PDF)

Electrical Engineering (HTML or PDF)

English (HTML or PDF)

Ethnic Studies (HTML or PDF)

Family Resources (HTML or PDF)

Food Science and Human Nutrition (HTML or PDF)

Geography (HTML or PDF)

Geology and Geophysics (HTML or PDF)

Global and Environmental Science (HTML or PDF)

Hawaiian Studies (HTML or PDF)

History (HTML or PDF)

Information and Computer Science (HTML or PDF)

Journalism (HTML or PDF)

Liberal Studies (HTML or PDF)

Mathematics (HTML or PDF)

Mechanical Engineering (HTML or PDF)

Medical Technology (HTML or PDF)

Meteorology (HTML or PDF)

Microbiology (HTML or PDF)

Music (HTML or PDF)

Natural Resources and Environmental Management (HTML or PDF)

Nursing (HTML or PDF)

Philosophy (HTML or PDF)

Physics and Astronomy (HTML or PDF)

Plant and Environmental Biotechnology (HTML or PDF)

Plant and Environmental Protection Sciences (HTML or PDF)

Political Science (HTML or PDF)

Psychology (HTML or PDF)

Religion (HTML or PDF)

Social Work (HTML or PDF)

Sociology (HTML or PDF)

Speech Pathology and Audiology (HTML or PDF)

Speech (HTML or PDF)

Theatre (HTML or PDF)

Travel Industry Management (HTML or PDF)

Tropical Plant and Soil Sciences (HTML or PDF)


Content Updated: June 13, 2003


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