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Financing Options

College can be expensive, but there are many ways to help alleviate some of the cost associated with your education. Below we'll explain the types of aid available to you, how to apply, and where to get more information.

Types of Aid


Scholarships are a form of gift aid that do not have to be repaid. They can be awarded based on a variety of factors such as a student's academic performance, athletic achievement, or financial need.


Grants are another form of gift aid that can come from a variety of sources. Eligibility for a grant may depend on financial need or on any criteria defined by the funding source.

Some common grants are listed on the Financial Aid Services website under Financial Aid Awards.


The federal government offers a variety of low-interest loans to both students and parents. This type of aid needs to be repaid. The first step in applying for student loans is to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). opens in new window

Visit Financial Aid Services for more detailed information on applying for and receiving financial aid.

Federal Work Study

This is a need-based program that allows eligible students to earn part of their educational expenses by working part time. Employment under the Federal Work-Study program is awarded as part of the financial aid package.

Payment Plans

Payment plans are available through the Bursar's Office. Students can sign up for payment plans and review and pay their bill through the MyUH opens in new windowportal. For additional information, review the payment plan frequently asked questions or contact the Bursar's Office.

Applying for Aid

To be considered for financial aid you need to complete the FAFSA. This application is used by the federal government to calculate a family's contribution to college expenses.

How to Apply

The fastest way to apply is online at opens in new window


The FASFA can be submitted beginning January 1. Visit Financial Aid Services to review the application steps.

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For More Information

Financial Aid Services

University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa

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QLCSS Room 112

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